2024 Urana Flame N' Feast

Urana Flame N’ Feast: A Sizzling BBQ Food Festival

Discover the Urana Flame N’ Feast: Premier BBQ Festival Experience

Join us at the Urana Flame N’ Feast, the ultimate BBQ Food Festival in the Southern Riverina region.

Scheduled for Saturday, 3rd February 2024, at the Urana Aquatic & Leisure Centre, this event is a must-attend for BBQ lovers and food enthusiasts.

Experience a day filled with delicious flavors, live cooking demonstrations, and a vibrant community atmosphere.

2024 Urana Flame N’ Feast: Date, Time, and Venue Insights

Event Name: Urana Flame N’ Feast

Date and Time: Saturday, 3rd February 2024, 4 PM to 8 PM

Location: Urana Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Federation Way, Urana

Highlights of the Event

Interactive BBQ Cooking Show with Grant Neal at Urana’s Premier Food Festival

Grant Neal, the renowned BBQ Pitmaster from The Smoking Joint, will be the star of the show with a live cooking demonstration at 5 PM.

This is a unique opportunity to witness the art of BBQ from one of the best in the field, making the Urana Flame N’ Feast a must-visit event for culinary enthusiasts.

Urana’s Ultimate BBQ Showdown: Food Truck Competition Highlights

The festival’s highlight is undoubtedly the BBQ Food Competition, featuring top-notch food trucks like Max’s BBQ and Papa Bear BBQ.

These culinary masters will compete for the coveted title of “Flame N Feast BBQ Dish of the Day,” announced at the event’s close.

Engage in the Fun: Public BBQ Contests at Urana Flame N’ Feast

In a twist that adds to the excitement, attendees can participate in two categories – Best Condiment and Best Sweet Treats.

This interactive element makes the Urana Flame N’ Feast not just a spectator event but an immersive culinary experience.

Beyond BBQ: Family Fun and Local Delights at Urana’s Food Fest

Beyond the BBQ, the festival offers a licensed bar with regional brews, live music, and free amusement rides for children.

Local vendors like Yarramanda Farm and Bright Sauce Co. will also feature, adding a community market feel to the event.

Who Should Attend? A Guide to Enjoying Urana’s BBQ Festival

The Urana Flame N’ Feast is perfect for families seeking a fun and engaging outing, BBQ aficionados eager to learn new techniques, and community members looking to enjoy a day of great food and entertainment.

Explore Southern Riverina: Attractions Near Urana BBQ Festival

The Urana Flame N’ Feast is located in the Southern Riverina region, an area celebrated for its agricultural richness. While attending the festival, explore the local community known for its production of wool, grain, lamb, and beef cattle.

The region offers a unique insight into Australia’s rural heritage, making it an ideal spot for visitors interested in the local agricultural scene and natural beauty.

Getting to Urana Flame N’ Feast: Travel Tips and Directions

The Urana Flame N’ Feast is conveniently accessible for visitors from major cities.

It’s located approximately 3 hours from Melbourne, 4 hours from Canberra, and 6 hours from Sydney.

The best way to reach the festival is by car, offering a scenic drive through the Southern Riverina region.

Impact of Urana Flame N’ Feast: Boosting Local Tourism and Economy

As part of the North Of The Murray Event Series, the Urana Flame N’ Feast plays a crucial role in boosting local tourism and the economy.

It’s an event that not only celebrates the art of BBQ but also supports the vibrant community of the Southern Riverina region.

Why Urana Flame N’ Feast is a Must-Visit: Final Thoughts

The Urana Flame N’ Feast is more than just a BBQ festival; it’s a celebration of community, culinary art, and the rich agricultural heritage of the Southern Riverina.

Whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast, a foodie, or just looking for a unique family outing, this event promises an experience filled with flavor, fun, and festivity.

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