Little Chefs at Bay Central

Sydney Culinary Events: Introducing Little Chefs at Bay Central

Sydney’s culinary scene offers a unique opportunity this school holidays at Little Chefs at Bay Central.

Located in the vibrant Woolooware, this event invites families to engage their children in fun cooking activities, enhancing their culinary skills.

2024 Little Chefs Event Schedule at Bay Central Woolooware


  • Monday 22 April – Sushi Making
  • Tuesday 23 April – Sushi Making
  • Wednesday 24 April – Pizza Making
  • Friday 26 April – Pizza Making

Time: 10AM-10:40AM and 11AM-11:40AM

Location: Bay Central Woolooware, 453A Captain Cook Drive, Woolooware, NSW

This event is specifically tailored for children, providing them with a hands-on experience in making sushi and pizza.

A team of professional staff will be on hand to guide and assist the little chefs throughout their culinary creations

These activities are designed to be fun, engaging, and educational, allowing children to explore various textures and flavours while also learning basic cooking skills.

Who Should Attend the Little Chefs Cooking Event?

This event is ideally suited for children who have a keen interest in cooking or are curious about foods from different cultures.

It’s a perfect fit for families looking for an educational activity during the school holidays that is both fun and productive.

The hands-on cooking classes aim to inspire a love for cooking and are a fantastic way for children to gain confidence in the kitchen.

How to Register for Little Chefs Cooking Classes

Spaces are limited to 24 children per session for kids aged 6-12.

Be sure to secure your spot early as availability is expected to fill up quickly.

Parents can sign up their children via the Eventbrite.

Travel Options to Little Chefs at Bay Central

Bay Central Woolooware is easily accessible by both public transport and car.

For those opting for public transport, multiple bus routes service the area with stops conveniently located near the venue.

For families driving to the event, Bay Central offers ample parking space.

The location is chosen not only for its accessibility but also for its safety, allowing parents to feel secure about their children’s environment.

Explore Woolooware: Activities Near Little Chefs Event

After enjoying the culinary activities at Bay Central, families can extend their day with a visit to nearby attractions.

Woolooware is not only known for its serene environment but also for its proximity to recreational facilities and scenic spots perfect for children and adults alike.

A short drive or a leisurely walk from the venue will lead you to beautiful parks and waterfront areas where families can relax or enjoy various outdoor activities.

Why Little Chefs at Bay Central is a Must-Visit This Holiday

Little Chefs at Bay Central presents a unique opportunity for children to dive into the world of cooking and gain valuable life skills while having fun.

It’s more than just a cooking class; it’s a chance to create lasting memories and instill a lifelong passion for culinary arts in young minds.

Parents looking for a fulfilling and educational activity during the school holidays will find this event to be the perfect fit.

Additional Information
For more details please visit Bay Central Woolooware website.

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